About Us

Known for being one of Parkville, Missouri's top-rated historical attractions, Riverpark Pub and Eater is a "Fun for All" family-run restaurant fancied by locals and tourist alike. From their friendly service, craft beer and creative spirits, Riverpark Pub maintains their passion for a flavorful, fresh menu, all while upholding a welcoming, fun environment for all age. This community-driven business, now under new eager ownership, provides a relaxing dining experience with a historical twist. Built in 1917 by C.P. Breen, it was once the Park College Power Plant and later became a generous gift of providing power and heat to the town by Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lawrence. As it still stands intact next to the railroad tracks, you'll find enjoyment from the fascinating originality of the inside to the remarkable ambience and beautiful scenic views from both the rooftop and front patios that overlook Parkville's first established settlement, English Landing Park. Make it a day with the family, or a weekend with friends! Either way, we welcome you as one of us to Riverpark Pub and Eatery!